Posted by: micotexas | January 18, 2010

Help Fund the Fight to Stop the Quarry

The Ranchland Oaks Homeowner’s Association has retained the Austin law firm of Lowerre, Frederick, Perales, Allmon & Rockwell to assist in stopping H. L. Zumwalt Construction opening a quarry in Mico.  The initial costs of this legal battle are being paid by the HOA but more funds will be needed to be successful.

The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance (GEAA) has agreed to assist by accepting tax-deductible donations100% of the money you contribute to the quarry opposition through the GEAA will be used to pay legal fees to fight the quarry.

If you want to help stop the quarry please make a donation through the GEAA.  Make your check payable to “GEAA” and indicate “Mico Quarry” either on the check or on an attached note.  Mail your contributions to:

No Mico Quarry
Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance
PO Box 15618
San Antonio, Texas 78212


  1. Our donation went in the mail Monday. Even a small donation from all who will be affected will make a big difference in combating the planned quarry by Mr. Zumwalt. Thanks to all who are spearheading the fight!!

  2. We live in Bear Spring Ranch and our donation is in the mail. Thank you for all your effort Mr Mund, it’s appreciated!

    • Ditto! All of your hard work is appreciated!

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