Posted by: micotexas | January 20, 2010

TCEQ extends comment period to Feb 17

I received the following email from the TCEQ today:

“The end of the public comment period has been extended to Wednesday, February 17th.  The applicant will not be required to republish the first notice.

If you have any further questions, please contact OPA via email or at 800/687-4040.


The Office of Public Assistance”

On Monday, January 10 an employee of Westward Environmental was seen relocating and adding signs posted on the Zumwalt property line along FM 1283 and CR 273.  This was apparently what triggered the extension of the comment period.

We have preliminary  information the TCEQ will hold a Public Meeting on the permit at 7 pm Tuesday, February 9 at the Lakehills Civic Center.  Once the information regarding the meeting is confirmed we will post an announcement here.


  1. We went to and found some interesting info. New rulings under the Clean Air Act were passed and signed on 7 Dec 2009. Maybe the new rulings would be of help to our cause. It seems like the EPA has become very active in monitoring companies, contractors, businesses, etc., regarding compliance.

    • F&D,

      Can you provide a link to the page on the EPA website where you saw the info regarding the new rulings?

      • Here is the correct website: We were working with so many websites, we forgot which website we sent. For the new rulings, click on “Regulartory Initiatives for Greenhouse Emissions. Another link, click on “Region 6”, which is TX and other states, gives a lot of info. We also went to “Newsroom” and found out the Fed EPA had awarded TCEQ $4 million in Dec 09 to use for preserving and protecting our water sources. We thought that was intersting since TCEQ is approving permit after permit for companies operating over the Edwards recharge zone. Food for thought!

        • Expanding on the previous email. Click on “where you live” on the left of the screen and then go to Region 6 on the right of screen and that is where you will find the info for the award to TCEQ.

        • Thanks for the info…very interesting!

  2. Have signs, will delay!

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