Posted by: micotexas | February 10, 2010

Summary of the February 9 TCEQ “Public Meeting”

Eight representatives from the TCEQ office in Austin and San Antonio attended the meeting.   Zumwalt Construction, Inc. was represented by two employees from Westward Environmental.  Members of State Senator Uresti and State Representative King’s staff also attended the meeting.
Meeting attendance was estimated at 75.
The TCEQ informed those attending that the meeting of the following:
The meeting was informational only, they were there at the request of Representative King, and they would answer questions about the permit process and application.  The meeting was called to discuss the air permit request, but since many questions and comments they had received were related to water, TCEQ representatives from the local San Antonio office dealing with the WPAP (water abatement permit) were also in attendance.  Nothing said at the meeting would be included in the formal comments for the permit.  Comments would only be considered if they were in writing and received by the TCEQ by February 17.
Approximately 25 people spoke and asked questions.  The meeting lasted 3 hours.
We learned that only the company name on the application will be used by the TCEQ in determining compliance history.  Any other names Zumwalt Construction, Inc. may have used in the past are outside the process.
When asked if the TCEQ was involved in any litigation with Zumwalt, the response was “we cannot comment”.  We were told we should contact the Travis County District Clerk’s office.
We were informed Zumwalt’s WPAP (water abatement plan) was approved by the TCEQ  on February 4 and we had 23 days to dispute that decision.
We plan to file a protest with the TCEQ regarding their approval of the WPAP.  We are also investigating our options should the TCEQ approve the air permit request.
This fight has a long way to go before it is over.


  1. Zumwalt is attempting to hide from their recent past performance record. All concerned should consider writing Uresti and King to close the loophole where Zumwalt is allowed to circumvent the due diligence process by using the name of a subsidiary or affiliate. The TCEQ folks are just administrators – they only and strictly operate within the charter the State gives them. Arguing with TCEQ will not yield results. Intervention by our legislators is probably the quickest and most efficient way to fix the loophole and potentially stop Zumwalt in their attempt to rape Texas Land for greed and gain. We all need to write to our legislators now – as in today.

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