Posted by: micotexas | March 22, 2010

TCEQ Denies Zumwalt Application for Air Permit

The TCEQ denies Zumwalt’s application for an air permit.

The reason for the denial was that Zumwalt failed to meet the Public Notice Requirements in section 2c of the permit application.  In other words, he published his notice in the wrong newspaper.  Those of you who made written comments should be receiving a letter from the TCEQ this week regarding the denial of the permit.

If Zumwalt wishes to proceed with his plans for his quarry in Mico he will need to start over with a new application and go through the entire process a second time, which will cost time and money.  Please keep an eye out for legal notices published by Zumwalt in the San Antonio or Helotes papers.

We won a battle but the war continues…



  1. Good day,

    I enjoyed the responses from those of you who understand the monetary and health value of natural environmental processes. The quarry operators deny the externalities of there mining and pay nothing for screwing up the environment–which they damage to the tune of billions of dollars The public losses the invaluable natural air purification systems and water purification systems when trees are cut down and the land mined with explosives over the aquifer–just to obtain base material to pave over more natural habitat.

    The Zumwalt notice must be published in the San Antonio Express News. 2c requires the notice to be published in a paper of general circulation. A notice published in the Helotes Echo would be insufficient. The notice can be published in more than one newspaper but Zumwalt’s must appear in the SA Express-News to be valid. Quarrying in dense pockets over such a sensitive environmental area is a scourge!.

    Yours in the struggle,


  2. we are very happy to hear that the quality of the environement is taken in serious consideration in this wise deicision to stop the quarry !
    Even though we don’t live there we have a daughter in the district and we feel relieved for all those who live around there

  3. Somebody should do an in-depth study of Silicosis (aka…Black lung…. aka…Miner’s Lung….aka Potter’s Rot) and the prevailing winds in the Mico area to see who is at risk the most. Here’s a start:

    One Quarry might not be too bad…. two Quarries might be worse, but 10 quarries in a 9 mile radius. Everybody over the age of 7 will be walking around with an O2 mask and tank.

    There has to be a law against creating a harmful environment in a residential district. Think of what this is doing to the local water supply with the drilling, emptying of contaminated water back into the Edwards, Glenrose and Trinity aquifers, let alone the blasting. And what Mico really needs are some more gravel trucks on the road on FM 471 and 1283.

    There are a ton of videos of Quarry Operations on Go see what is currently happening in our back yard.

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