Posted by: micotexas | March 27, 2010

(Update) Zumwalt begins quarry construction without TCEQ Air Permit

(Update Mar 29) I was informed today in a call from the TCEQ that the construction activity on the quarry site is within the approved water plan and is in compliance with TCEQ regulations.  Without an approved Air Permit, no crushing operations can take place, but construction of the site covered under the approved WPAP was authorized by the TCEQ.

Zumwalt Construction Inc., began construction operations on the Mico quarry on March 17, 2010.   This was prior to the TCEQ decision on the pending Air Permit, which was denied on March 18.

Residents noticed activity at the quarry site on or about the 17th, but the fact construction had begun was verified by Henry Zumwalt in a letter to the TCEQ on March 23.  The Zumwalt letter was in response to the Motion for Reconsideration filed by us asking the TCEQ to overturn the water permit (WPAP) approved by the TCEQ on February 4.  In the letter Zumwalt states:

“Construction activities began at the FM 1283 Ranch Quarry on March 17, 2010.”

We believe this to be in clear violation of the requirements of the TCEQ, specifically Section 1 (H) of the Standard Air Permit which states:

No owner or operator of a crushing facility shall begin construction and/or operation without obtaining written approval from the executive director…”

See update above…



  1. Now isn’t that amazing?! I bet they figure if they get started, and get as much accomplished as they can, the the Board won’t be able to refuse them. Thanks for the update!

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