Posted by: micotexas | April 13, 2010

TCEQ Commissioners Place Motion to Overturn Zumwalt WPAP on April 28 Agenda

The TCEQ has scheduled oral arguments regarding the motion to overturn the approved  Zumwalt Water Pollution Abatement Plan. Representatives from Ranchland Oaks, Zumwalt Construction, the Exectutive Director and the Office of Public Information Counsel (OPIC) will each have five minutes to address the Commissioners during their April 28 public meeting in Austin.

Both the Executive Director and OPIC have notified the Commission they support the motion and have asked the Commission to overturn the permit.

Note:  The legal firm hired to represent those of us in the Mico community who oppose the quarry has worked with us to keep legal costs to a minimum.  However, we do need contributions from the community if we are to continue this fight.  Please send your tax-deductible contributions to support our efforts to protect our environment, maintain our quality of life and prevent a decline of our property values.

Information on how you can contribute is available by clicking here.


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