Posted by: micotexas | June 29, 2010

Zumwalt Construction Re-Submits Water Pollution Abatement Plan

On June 10 Zumwalt Construction re-submitted a Water Pollution Abatement Plan (WPAP) for the proposed quarry site in Mico.  The original plan was overturned by the TCEQ Commissioners on April 28 due to the failure by the applicant to specify the site was within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction of the City of San Antonio and to require the applicant to address issues identified by the Ranchland Oaks Homeowners Association.

We continue to have a number of concerns regarding the viability of this plan with regard to the issues above, especially Zumwalt’s plan to use a diesel generator to power the rock crusher and associated equipment.  This generator will be fueled by a 300 gallon diesel tank which will be located within the quarry pit.  The reason given for using the generator is that three-phase power is not readily available at the site and it will cost an estimated $300,000 – $400,000 to run lines to the site.

Our question to the TCEQ is what dollar amount is too great to protect our water from potential pollution by diesel fuel seeping into the Edwards or Trinity aquifers?  Should “it costs too much” be adequate justification for allowing the potential pollution of our water wells?

If you are opposed to the TCEQ approving this WPAP, please send a letter with your comments (no e-comments accepted) to TCEQ, Region 13 Office, 14250 Judson Road, San Antonio 78233.  Please reference Project No. 10022-37.

All comments must be received by Friday July 9, so please respond quickly!

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