About Mico

Mico, founded in 1911, is an unincorporated community in northeastern Medina County, Texas, United States, approximately 40 miles west of San Antonio. The community is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its zip code is 78056. Originally Mico was spelled MICO, which stood for the Medina Irrigation Company who built the Medina Dam and Lake Medina and was originally built to be a workers camp for the 1500, primarily Mexicans, workers, who built the dam, and their families.[citation needed]Interestingly, one of the camel drovers brought to the area in 1857 from Egypt as part of Secretary of War Jefferson Davis’s camel corps experiment was named Mico.

Today, as far as businesses go, there are 3 bars, one bed and breakfast, and 1 post office in Mico. There is a volunteer fire department.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mico,_Texas



  1. Alert:
    An “informal pubic meeting”on the Zumwalt quarry has been tentatively scheduled for Feb 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake Hills Civic Center, according to TCEQ media spokesperson Lisa Wheeler. I am supposed to call her Monday Jan 18 at 512-239 -5003 to see if the date and time have been confirmed. State Representative Tracy King asked for and was granted the public meeting with TCEQ officials

    Alert Addendum: Zumwalt’s 30 day notice period for his TCEQ air permit began anew on Jan 14 because of a mis-posted notice sign. The new deadline for deadline for public comment is around Feb 13, or whenever the 30 days expire. I was told by Carol Uresti’s office the notice was republished on Jan 14 but I am not certain in what paper. I did not see the Zumwalt notice in the Hondo Anvil Herald so maybe it was in the SA-Express. But two pieces of good news–the new TCEQ 30 day notice period and the TCEQ Feb 9 public meeting–is better than sneezing at aggregated dust!

    • Somebody should do an in-depth study of Silicosis (aka…Black lung…. aka…Miner’s Lung….aka Potter’s Rot) and the prevailing winds in the Mico area to see who is at risk the most. Here’s a start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicosis

      One Quarry might not be too bad…. two Quarries might be worse, but 10 quarries in a 9 mile radius. Everybody over the age of 7 will be walking around with an O2 mask and tank.

      There has to be a law against creating a harmful environment in a residential district. Think of what this is doing to the local water supply with the drilling, emptying of contaminated water back into the Edwards, Glenrose and Trinity aquifers, let alone the blasting. And what Mico really needs are some more gravel trucks on the road on FM 471 and 1283.

      There are a ton of videos of Quarry Operations on Youtube.com. Go see what is currently happening in our back yard.

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